Youu are not just the audience,
you are the art

The Play offers an interactive experience mixed with performance art in a sensually curated environment. Most “lifestyle” parties start with drinks and conversation, ending in intimate interactions – The Play is different. What separates us from the monotony of the others is our focus on art, intimacy, and the curation of self-expression.

Here, every guest has the opportunity to artistically express themselves. Our team of erotic producers works with amateur and professional artists to curate staging, lighting, audio, and visual effects for self-expression in a sex-positive environment. The night will be filled with multiple and varied performances featuring our guests -- each one sure to make for an unforgettable experience. We encourage you to be sensual, erotic, engaging, and to explore your sexual creativity while performing, viewing, and engaging in The Play.

The Art

Our parties are centered around the erotic self-expression of our guests whose fantasies are brought to life with the support of our team of erotic producers. The images you see below are merely a glimpse into our private gallery. None of the photos you see were staged; they were beautiful, organic moments captured during The Play (with the full signed consent of the performers). You can access the complete, exclusive gallery by signing up for our monthly membership, which also gives you priority access to The Play and all of our other events. Enjoy a sneak peek into a night at The Play and preview our gallery below.

Let’s Play

Become a Playmate

Health - Consent - Artistry

These three pillars are the foundation of and framework for our carefully curated community.

Once your information has been submitted, our team will review it and schedule an interview. If you are accepted, you will receive a Welcome Email with more details shortly after.


The Events

Immerse yourself in an eclectic array of gatherings curated for the aficionados of our community. Our flagship experience, The Play, unfolds every 4-6 weeks, transporting attendees to a realm of indulgence and artistry. In addition to this signature event, we host an arresting selection of erotic art exhibitions, sexy socials, and avant-garde, sex-positive discussions, workshops, and classes. Our venues are carefully chosen, ranging from the chic social clubs to the private, luxe residences of Los Angeles, San Diego, and London, each space echoing the opulence and daring of our events. Join us, where every occasion is an opportunity to explore and celebrate the art of your erotic expression. To witness a glimpse of our events, enjoy The Play's events reel below.

The Play Brunch

The Great Gatsby

The Play Social

The Great Gasby

Let’s Play

The Members

Health - Consent - Artistry

These three pillars are the foundation of and framework for our carefully curated community.

Once your information has been submitted, our team will review it and schedule an interview. If you are accepted, you will receive a Welcome Email with more details shortly after.

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The Questions

How large is the space?

Do you host private parties?

Will condoms be provided?

Can I leave early?

Will there be drinks and a smoking area?

What should I wear?

Do you host private parties?

Do I have to perform?

How many people usually attend The Play?

We typically host The Play at our 4,000 sq ft penthouse in DTLA and host 2-3 larger events at curated venues such as a Hollywood Hills mansion and other local destinations. Other events, workshops, art shows, and the like are hosted at LA's premier social clubs and private venues/residences.

Yes, we are available to host private events for groups of friends, play tribes, couples, or individuals, curated on a case-by-case basis. Please email for rates and more information.

Various contraceptives, lubricants, wet wipes, and other wellness products are provided. We encourage all of our guests to use protection.

Yes, you can leave whenever you would like. We simply ask that you notify the check-in host to assist you in gathering your belongings and make your exit as inconspicuous as possible if it is during a performance. We do not allow re-entry.

No smoking is allowed inside any of our venues. There is a designated outdoor smoking area at each event for those who require it. We provide an open bar with top-shelf spirits at The Play events; however, feel free to bring your own preferred beverage. Over-intoxication is prohibitive of consent, and with that as one of our foundational pillars, we ask all of our guests to know and honor their limits and refrain from the overconsumption of alcohol or other substances. We are active participants in preventing the gratuitous inebriation of our guests at our events and will remove those unable or unwilling to practice restraint, respect, or responsibility when it comes to enjoying adult beverages. If you're going to consume adult beverages, act like an adult so everyone can play safely.

We ask that you wear your sexiest all-black attire unless there is a specified dress code or theme. Feel free to bring multiple outfits and anything else that helps you feel your sexiest and most comfortable.

We do not disclose our couple, individual, or group performances prior to The Play. Generally, there are 4-6 performances dispersed throughout the evening and venue, depending on the size of the event.

At The Play, you don't "have to" do anything. Only guests who previously request and schedule a performance will have an allotted time to take the stage. To support the collaborative essence of our community, all couples, groups, and individuals who would like to perform at The Play take priority in ticket sales over guests who do not wish to perform. Guests may interact with the performance/art with the consent of the artist(s).

Our standard parties range from 30 to 50 guests. Our bigger events, which occur 2-3 times a year, are open to 100-120 guests.

Don't be shy.

Feel free to reach out to us directly.