The Rules

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  1. You must be 21 + to attend
  2. No cell phones are allowed.​ The host will store and secure your phones before you enter.
  3. All guests must submit an STI test taken within 3 months of the party they are attending.
  4. You must ask for consent before you touch.
  5. If you are reported for misbehavior, we will conduct an investigation and if we find any wrongdoing, you will be asked to leave. Misbehavior could lead to termination of your membership.
  6. You must immediately notify The Play Staff if at any time you have knowledge or reasonable cause to suspect that anyone’s safety is at risk or affirmative consent or ability to consent is at risk or impaired.
  7. You agree not to disclose any information of The Play members and employees to any media.
  8. Privacy must be respected by all members and employees of The Play.​
  9. No illegal substances are allowed.
  10. No weapons are allowed.
  11. You will not use or attempt to use photography or video recording. There will be a professional photographer who will only get pictures of performers with their written consent.
  12. All rooms shall remain unlocked and open at all times.
  13. Money exchange of any kind is not tolerated at our events.​
  14. You are responsible for your health and wellness.
  15. You may bring your own toys and props for play. You are responsible for your belongings.

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